US Army is Bringing New Deadly Sniper Rifles For Infantry Squads

The infantry squads in the US will be laced with thousands of new rifles. US Army is preparing to issue new rifles to combat critical situations. M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDMR) is equipped with short-barreled carbines to adept it with infantry units. The SDMR will be given to one in nine infantrymen. It has an ability to penetrate not only a body armor but it can also hit point targets at a range of 600 meters.

A standard US Army squad contains nine persons including two fire teams led by a squad leader. Each fire team consists of two riflemen with M4 carbines, one grenadier with an M4 carbine and an M249 squad automatic weapon. The squad can make heavy firepower with M4 which is effective up to 500 meters and M249 which is effective up to 1,000 meters.

The current organization which is providing weapons to US Army infantry squads has some drawbacks. The current M4 is accurate but it often lacks a magnified optic to make accurate shots at long ranges and its 5.56 round drops sharply after 400 meters. The M68’s red dot sight is good but it has zoomed in the problem. The M249 fires 850 rounds in a minute but its accuracy is very low and deliver suppressive fire against the enemies.

US Army needs designated marksman rife concept like airsoft sniper rifles that are for sale in Canada. As the Army shifts from guerrilla conflict to big power wars against rival mechanized armies, the requirement for marksman rifles should be fulfilled.

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