Home, Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Contractors in Coquitlam, Vancouver BC

There are some companies out there who specialize in home remodeling, and there are some who are the best innovators with a good quality of design and construction in their background to give you the best home, kitchen, and even bathroom renovation and remodeling possibilities. In this guide, we’ve picked three of the top contractors in the area of Coquitlam, Vancouver in British Columbia, and if you get ahold of them for your remodeling needs, you’ll find out why they’re the best!

  1. Renodiz
    The best of the best on this list is Renodiz (online at They’ve created absolutely stunning visual upgrades to numerous homes, and they have the highest quality reviews out there. They use only excellent quality materials, and have a good mix of interior design, interior remodeling and construction, as well as years of experience, plus they’re fully licensed for all of your interior reconstruction needs They’ve rarely had a complaint, so if you need some really creative designs, you may want to check them out first and foremost. You might be surprised at what they can do. Also, be sure to check out their gallery, because it’s simply amazing!
  2. Troico Home Solutions & Manufacturing
    Troico had a rough start, but they’re one of the best contractors in the area as well, and they have numerous ovation awards to prove it now. While they have over 10 years of experience, even with the fact that they had to get some good projects under their belt, they’ve learned a lot over the years, and they have all types of interesting designs, including custom cabinets for your home. You can view their gallery online, and they offer general contracting solutions as well. They also have options for fixed price projects or milestone (they call this their Cost Plus Journey)
  3. Revitalize Home Repair & Renovations
    If you’re looking for a company that’s been around for a while and has more reviews, then you can count on the folks at Revitalize to revitalize your home and make it look like new. They’ve got an excellent gallery on their website of projects they’ve done, of course you’ll have to ask them if they have before photos of their projects to see how well they transformed the home they worked on.


All of these contractors have been proving to be excellent remodelers in the Coquitlam area, but as far as we’ve seen both from customer experience, as well as their online personas (and even their offline one), Renodiz is by far number one on the list. Sure, there are others out there, but none that have the most professional experience and attitude, but at the same time don’t treat you like you’re just another “customer”. Everyone wants a personable experience, and you definitely get one with Renodiz.

Also, they’re fully licensed and insured to handle your needs. When it comes to having the best designs to make your home look like a luxury home on the inside, you can count on Renodiz to give you an entirely new look, or just spice up your home with their innovative thinking and skills, plus they have a qualified team which is able to handle every task.

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