Experiential Travel Trend Continues to Gain Momentum

Everybody has holidays in life and these free days are invested in travel and tourism. But now the attitude of travelers about tourism is changing and the travel industry is adjusting with it. Since 2014, the amount spent by travelers on tours, attractions, events, and activities has increased by 21%. People are going for experiential travel which has become a trend among them.

People’s minds have become more creative than earlier times. During their travel to a new place, they value their little time to experience the place, local culture, and social facilities. And for that, they are getting hold of the best cheap luggage to accompany them on their trips. Apart from visiting landmarks and enjoying at beaches, experiential travelers are looking to add something new to their photo album. Malaysia is the highest explored Asian country. It is famous for infrastructure, facilities and local culture. Travelers here love to involve in experiential activities.

Recent data shows that 67% more travelers chose to book outdoor activities in 2018 as compared to 2017. Events like glacier hiking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and mountain biking are counted amongst the most popular outdoor activities people indulge in. Apart from outdoor activities, classes in skills such as cooking and painting has jumped by 61%. Almost 59% more travelers decided to engage in a cultural excursion or historical tour rather than enjoying on the beach. You can see travelers join the cooking class in Malaysia to increase their skills.

As there is a rise of experiential travel, demand in the industry to provide travelers with each element of a trip has increased. A change that has risen is also growing the new technologies and services across a number of channels. These trends are accelerating the number of old travelers to become comfortable with current technology.

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