Dentysa Introduces OroTox test to Detect Toxins after Root Canal Treatment

Poland based Dentysta clinic is using OroTox test for detecting toxins from the tooth after carrying out the root canal treatment. A high number of patients are going for extraction of a root-cured tooth because of the fear that the dead bacteria present after the RCT can cause damage to the overall health. It has been proved that it is not completely possible to detect the presence of bacteria and the toxins in the tooth with the use of X-ray diagnostics.

Marcin Krufczyk, a dentist in Gliwice (stomatolog Gliwice), uses OroTox test to accurately detect the presence of any toxins after the root canal treatment. It is a completely painless treatment and can be done in 5 minutes. With the help of OroTox test, dentists at makes a decision on what to do with the tooth suspected of causing danger to the organism.

OroTox involves a simple and painless test which involves taking a sample of biological material from the gingival pocket at a given tooth. Then this sample is made to react with some selected chemical agents to examine the risk of the presence of pathogenic bacteria by comparing the color created in the material with a colored template.

Despite the availability of advanced methods to disinfect root canals, one cannot give a 100% guarantee about the complete elimination of microbes from the treated area. And due to the presence of bacterial toxins, the brain doesn’t work properly and the immunity of a person decreases significantly. Hence, the use of OroTox test is preferred to detect the presence of toxins in the passage of root canals to prevent further harm to the body.

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