2M7 Financial Solution is Providing Merchant Cash Advance up to 125% of Your Monthly Sale

Arranging finance to grow or develop your business with your monthly sale has become easy through 2M7 Financial Solution’s attractive merchant cash advance up to 125% of your monthly income. For example, if your business generates $25,000 monthly, you would be eligible for up to $31,250 as a merchant cash advance. But you need to do your daily transactions with a credit or debit card. A merchant cash advance is not a loan in the sense of the word. It is for many businesses or retailer to arrange special finance with their daily income.

To repay the advance amount, withholding percentage would be automatically deducted from their daily transactions done with credit or debit card until the amount is fully repaid. And the best part is, 2M7 financial solution is providing luring percentage of merchant cash loan without any interest and hidden fees.

Repayment procedure is simple. The company will collect only a small percentage until the amount is paid back and the repayment percentage will depend upon your sales. That means the company will be paid only when you will be paid. This offer is making merchant cash advance a very cash-flow friendly tool. 2M7 Financial Solution is the best answer for how merchant cash advance works in Canada, as it operates mostly in Canada.

2M7 Financial Solution’s withholding percentage is right for your business and it is the most important number to determine whether its cash advance is suitable for you or not. The company’s withholding percentage ranges from 4% to 30% of your daily sales and depends upon various other factors including daily credit or debit card sales, type of company, and industry.

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