Tracking your Pet is now easy with this $40 Dog GPS Tracker

We all get worried about our furry friend. It becomes a huge task to know where they always are. To take care of them is similar to that of parenting. And keeping tabs on your dog is an important aspect of it.

Now, people won’t have to worry about locating their furry friend. Amazon has an answer for them. There is a GPS tracing device on Amazon which is just for $40. It tells you where your pet is. There are two versions of this tracking device. One depends on GPS and the other depends on Bluetooth. The latter costs less than a GPS tracker.

Amazon offers the Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker for $39.99 including the shipping charges. If you check the price at Chewy, the price is similar. But there, you will have to pay extra for shipping charges. At Chewy, there is free shipping for orders above $49.


The regular price of a tracker at the Tractive direct is around $70. So, this price on Amazon is probably the best in the market. And there is every reason for you to buy it. This GPS tractive works efficiently in over 150 countries. You can pin point the location of your dog in real life.

You can also use subscription for this device, which starts from $5 a month. Or you can abandon the subscription and opt for DOTT The Smart Dog tag at $40 also. But DOTT does not have a GPS. And it works on Bluetooth connectivity to find your dog.

For the tractive 3g Dog GPS Tracker, you can go ahead with the Subscription plan with $5/month. Or you can also use the Tractive Dog GPS tracker, which is lightweight. If your pooch is heavy, or over 9 pounds, then you can use this tracker. And the bonus point of the tracker is it also gives you the live location. Go ahead and gift yourself and your dog this GPS Tracker to stay safe and in contact.

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