Parents in the US are Increasingly Using Gripe Water to treat Newly Born Babies’ Problems

In the latest study in the US on baby care and parenting, it has come to notice that gripe water use to solve the problems of the new babies has increased significantly. Despite the warnings of the US Food and Drug Administration, parents in the US have not stopped the use of gripe water to deal with newborn babies’ problems such as anxiety, flatulence, tummy problems, and hiccups.

About half a year ago, the US Food and Drugs Administration recalled the use of gripe water because of the risk of choking hazards for babies. Until now, there are no medically proven results about the side-effects of gripe water for babies. Hence, people are not paying much heed to the decision of the US FDA to recall the sale of gripe water at medical stores.

People who don’t know much about the use of gripe water have been searching what is gripe water and is it safe for a baby on the internet to know about the benefits of gripe water. It is used by parents for the critical situations related to baby’s health which are not curable by other means. Doctors recommend not to give the gripe water to babies on their empty stomach.

Due to the capability of the gripe water to cure colic pain, flatulence, tummy problems, irritation in teeth, and hiccups in babies, a spoonful of gripe water is given to cure such baby problems. The sale of gripe water is increasing in the US because of the benefits it offers.

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