Mostly Young People are Getting Sexual Infections in Singapore

For the last seven years, Singapore has shown a decline in the figures of sexual disease infected people. But the recent statistics are showing that there is an increase in sexually transmitted diseases in more young people. The young people are aware of using protection, but they ignore while they get intimate, according to the experts.

It is observed that youngster who got infected with sexual infections, had sex at an early age before they reached 16. And they had made relationships with several partners before they reached adulthood. In 2015, 421 boys and girls aged between 10 to 19 had infections, which was 8% more than the earlier year, according to the Department of Sexual Transmitted Infection Control Clinic.

Cases were highest in 2007 when 820 youngsters were observed with infection after STD testing, and the figure declined up to 2014. Now the gap between 2015 and 2019 has shown an increase of infections among youngsters. Chlamydia is the most common infection; Gonorrhoea is the second, and Genital Warts is the third infection found in youngsters during the period.

Youngsters are generally aware of safety precautions while getting closer to each other. But sometimes they get pressurized from each other for not using the precautions. This is the main reason why the numbers of sexually transmitted diseases in youngsters are more than others.

Dr. Suzanna Sulaiman, a consultant at KKH’s department of obstetrics and gynecology, said, “pregnant adolescent who tests positive for an STD will be informed and educated on prevention and contraception. They are also less likely to understand the importance of antenatal care and good nutrition during pregnancy, and may continue to adopt high-risk behaviors.”

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