Leopold FC980M PD: The Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboard

Hunt for Quiet Mechanical Keyboard ends at Leopold FC980M PD, a keyboard with clickless switches. This keyboard is compact “full size” and referred to as the 1800 layout popularized by Cherry’s G80-1800 series of mechanical keyboards. It has become the number one choice in offices, businesses, and personal computers after the positive feedback of many users. The keyboard presents noise less typing through the use of dampened switches, lubed stabilizers, case liners, high-quality keycaps and other sound dampening modifications.

The overall size of Leopold FC980M PD is smaller than typical full-size keyboard and width is slightly larger. The interesting characteristic of this keyboard is its noise reduction feature of Cherry MX Silent Red switches that make it a quiet mechanical keyboard. Its switches are similar to regular Cherry MS silent Red switches and internally dampened with rubber on both upper and lower sides. If we talk about keycaps, generally they cut edges, but Leopold FC980M PD is getting popularity due to its design to not cut edges. Keycaps contain 1.5 mm thick PBT keycaps which don’t lose shine and don’t get yellow with time.

Apart from dampened switches and quality PBT caps, FC980M PD also has a dampened case. The interior side of the case is fabricated to reduce further noise and vibration of the keyboard. All these details are making this model a perfect accessory of every system. The keyboard is compatible with the system of all companies, which uses standard USB ports in their systems.

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