AfrikRising is Serving the Starving African Child

Due to the low economic growth of a few African countries, almost one in three children are deprived of food, which is causing the death of almost half of all children due to the starvation. AfrikRising, a nonprofit organization, committed to addressing hunger in Africa and primarily focused on serving starving African child has taken the initiative to help children and adult overcome this problem. The organization, headed by Christine Reidhead, is working since so many years to provide a better life to African children.

Globally, a child dies in every three seconds, and almost ten thousand children die due to food deprivation in a day. It was getting worse in some parts of Africa. Nine out of the ten children do not meet the criteria of necessary diet, and two out of the five don’t eat food daily in a few African countries. Hence AfrikRising took the initiatives to work for the welfare of the African children by providing the platform to accomplish this task and to serve every starving African child.

Some African countries were at the bottom of the list for not providing the necessary food and health facilities to children from age 23 months to 6 years. But due to the tremendous efforts of Afrkrising at ground zero, these countries are being uplifted and the children are getting adequate nutrition.

AfrikRising is a team of volunteers which is committed to help every deprived African through its nonprofit organization. The goal of the company is to not leave a single child deprived of basic needs such as good food, education, and other humanitarian-related needs. The organization is serving and will keep serving for the welfare of the African children.

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