A Study finds that Depression is the Major Reason Behind Suicide among Teens

A study conducted by OneWorldHerald has highlighted that depression is responsible for an increasing number of suicide cases in Teenagers. The increasing academic pressure and unrealistic expectations are the major factors which are throwing people into the well of depression. According to the study, teenagers are opting for the use of alcohol and drugs to deal with depression as well as other mental health problems.

Teenagers face a lot of pressure from society and families in order to perform well in academics as well as extracurricular activities. Hormonal changes also contribute to mental health problems in teenagers and young adults. Teens face a lot of disappointment and fear of failure which simply leads to anxiety, fear, stress and depressive behavior.

It has been found in the study that since 2008, there is an increase of 60% of cases of suicides in teens. And a high percentage of suicide cases is linked to depression and addiction. As more teens take the help alcohol and drugs, their health further deteriorates significantly. Teen suicide linked to addiction has taken a big jump over the last decade. Most of the young adults and teens don’t prefer to share their feelings or discuss their problems with their parents and mentors.

Instead, they choose the path of different types of drugs which eventually contributes to an increase in the number of suicidal cases among teens. Teenagers who show depressive behavior also use technology on a large scale which further deteriorates their mental health. The statistics available through the study has highlighted that students who drink or use drugs are more susceptible to suicidal attempts than the students who don’t go for such options.

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