Bentley Records Signs Multi-Year Record Contract with Ukrainian Music Icon Tina Karol

Luca Dayz, CEO of Bentley Records has announced its multi-year record contract with the Ukrainian Singer and Music Icon, Tina Karol. The New-York based record label, which got established in 2013 as a recording label, will be having Tina Karol in its team. Bentley Records, the international record label is popular all over the globe for producing quality music.

Bentley Records has a wonderful team of music experts which has impressed everyone with its excellent music composition. The CEO, Luca Dayz, is an award-winning R&B recording artist and entrepreneur who selects only passionate musicians in his team. With the latest technology and the state of the art record label system, Bentley Records has been recording various types of music compositions with ease.

Speaking about the joining of the Ukrainian Singer, Tina Karol in his team, the CEO Luca Dayz said that they are excited to work with Ms. Karol as a part of the Bentley Records family. He said that Bentley Records will create excellent music together and will prosper the growth of Karol’s career to a great extent.

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