Bentley Records Announces Partnership with Sound Republica

Bentley Records, the international record label has decided to enter into a partnership with Sound Republica of South Korea. The motive of this partnership is to spread the work of music artists to the various corners of the world. With this strategic partnership, Bentley Records will get priority access to the 7th biggest music market all over the world.

Since the establishment of Bentley Records in 2013 by the CEO, Luca Dayz, it has gained its popularity by offering quality music to the listeners. Luca Dayz, who is the award-winning R&B artist, producer, and entrepreneur, work with his extremely talented team of music artists to produce quality music. It is the prominent reason which has made possible for this record label to get popular in the world in less time.

Bentley Records CEO Luca Dayz also revealed that after the partnership with Sound Republica, Bentley Records will become the first US labels to do so. This will help all the music artists of Bentley Records team to gain popularity worldwide and also the world will get awesome music to listen.

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