Robotics Entrepreneur, Bentsur Joseph Keen on Introducing Innovative Technology in the World

The concept of robotics was present in the world for many decades, but no real innovation came that could be proven beneficial for the human being. The CEO and founder of A2Z Advanced Solutions Company, Bentsur Joseph boomed the industry by presenting his innovative idea about robotics. According to Joseph, now we have reached such a phase where robots will perform a variety of tasks for humans. And the humans can do the rest of their works with compassion and passion as well.

Bentsur said that his company is working on some ideas which will replace wartime with conventional life-saving products for the welfare of human being. He stressed on using life-saving technology into robots and electronic equipment used by the security forces. The technology would help to reduce casualties up to a high rate during wartime. Dealing with life taking situations during wartime will be easy due to this innovation.

He added, “The motive of our firm is to make use of the latest technologies available to devise innovative ways that can be applied in all the projects of today’s time, there is nothing like saving lives, using robots, and using the lessons we’ve learned to make the planet a better place.”

After the Middle East conflict, where many Israeli soldiers were killed in several attacks, Bentsur stressed to use unmanned robotics instrument to deal with wartime situations. The Israeli military got impressed with his idea and started using the unmanned robots in military operations. Bentsur has been making many life-saving products for military and civilians for 30 years. And he is working on many projects which will be helpful for military operation in the future.

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