3 Future Cyber Security Trends

2019 looks like a good year for cyber security.

While expert cyber thieves and attackers appeared to take the upper hand in recent years — successfully undermining the security of businesses, individuals, and even governments — cyber security experts have quickly made up the difference.

By focusing their efforts on staying abreast of the best cyber attack schemes and fast-tracking new technologies that completely lock-down company data, they have developed several new key strategies for dealing with these serious threats.

Here’s what we can look forward to in cyber security trends for the coming year.

What New Innovations Can We Expect From Cyber Security in 2019?

  1. New government regulations will take effect.

2018 marked the year that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) took effect. This is a set of regulations within the legal system of the European Union, meant to protect the data of all individual EU citizens and create more congruence across EU data privacy law. Although these regulations primarily affect businesses in the EU, foreign enterprises who deal with the EU or EU citizens in any way are directly affected as well.

As we look toward the second half of 2019, it appears the United States, Canada, and other nations will be embracing similar regulations — or at least discussing next steps toward instilling such legislation. While the goal of these regulations will surely be to protect individual citizens and their data, this will ultimately affect the practices of businesses like yours.

New federal data privacy law in Canada, for example, may regulate the amount and type of data businesses can collect. There may be limits on cloud storage and a requirement that certain baseline security measures be in place for every company.

  1. Artificial intelligence is being used to combat ransom attacks.

Ransom attacks are an ever-present threat to businesses of all kinds — but especially to those businesses that operate in the cloud. Using ransomware (a type of malware), cybercriminals target companies who have their data stored in the cloud, corrupting it and making it impossible to access until a ransom is paid.

Safe cloud solutions can only be procured through working with a highly-qualified managed service provider who will secure your business’s cloud-based data. Still, these MSPs must know how to expertly handle the possible threat of ransom attacks. Best practices being used today by the best MSPs involve the use of artificial intelligence or A.I.

The specific type of A.I. needed for cloud security will spot unusual activity in the cloud by first understanding what normal activity looks like. Any outlying activity can then be immediately detected. With advances in adaptable A.I. (machine learning), security systems will even be able to detect code that may have morphed or advanced from previous versions of malware.

  1. Mobile devices will need to have strengthened security.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that most companies have been focusing their security on large aspects of their businesses — their hardware and cloud-based data. In 2019, cybercriminals will be targeting more mobile devices. For example, your employees who use their smartphones and tablets (possibly with public Wi-Fi) on business trips will be at risk of corruption by attackers and hackers. Implementations must be made to protect even the smallest of devices.

If you own or manage a business in 2019, there’s little doubt you use technology for many facets of your operation. From payroll and email to order processing and account management, it’s important to remember that at any given time, your data is vulnerable to cyber attacks from a growing number of criminals.

Only by seeking qualified IT management assistance and harnessing the innovative powers of new cybersecurity tech and A.I. can businesses like yours hope to stay ahead of these attacks and rise above the competition.

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