Research says many People are looking for YouTube alternatives due to Repetitive content

In a survey conducted by, many new things related to online video streaming have been observed. It is found that people who were using Youtube for watching various types of videos have now shifted to other platforms to serve their need as the space on youtube has been occupied by other repetitive content. And that has happened even after it is clearly specified in youtube’s policy that only the unique content should be posted on youtube channels so as to provide useful content to people.

With the increasing internet penetration all over the world, there is a significant rise in the number of people who watch youtube. In addition to this, people who post youtube videos on their channels have also increased to a great extent. But this has also led to an increase in the repetitive content on youtube. A number of people have made a revelation in the survey that many videos have a high similarity with other videos on youtube. And, the lack of unique content has left them with no other option than to search for other alternatives to watch interesting and useful videos online.

This has led to the availability of other options for people to watch interesting, useful and educational content. Tubidy, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo are some examples of free online video streaming services. And, the presence of interesting content on these channels has contributed to the immense growth of such channels over the course of time. People no longer prefer nonsensical content that is mass produced or prepared programmatically and they search for something informative to help them grow mentally.

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