Luca Dayz, CEO and Founder of Bentley Records, feels Honored to be Invited by UEFA

The CEO and Founder of Bentley Records, Luca Dayz, who is also an R&B singer, feels greatly honored on being invited by UEFA to the Europa League Final. The match was held between Chelsea and Arsenal, on 29th May, at the Olympic Stadium of Baku, Azerbaijan. Fans from all over the world came to the stadium to witness the notorious rivalry between 2 teams.

Luca Dayz, R&B Singer, took to Instagram to express his gratitude for being invited to such an amazing sport finale. Though he was supposed to be present in Hong Kong and LA in the next 2 days, he took great efforts to travel almost a quarter of the Earth’s circumference to watch the game. In his post, he also expressed his interest to own a stake in the Arsenal team sooner. This post by Luca Dayz garnered more than 4000 likes.

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Thank you @UEFA_Official for the invite. It was an honor. Thank you Baku for the amazing hospitality. Great people. Although many complained the decision to host the final here, I saw fans from parts of the world who attended the game who wouldn’t have had this opportunity elsewise. It was amazing to see how people of all “races”, “colors”, “religions”, “countries” united together to support their teams. It was almost a ”religious” experience. Proof that there ain’t no bigger “religion” than HUMANITY. Soccer unites the world ❤️ Next to me is one of the winners of the 3 tickets I gave away. This Turkish cab driver had the time of his life seeing his hero Mesut Özil upclose. Though it might look crazy for me to travel a quarter of the Earths circumference to see the game & I have to be in Hong Kong & LA in like 2 days, this was an important experience for me. Firstly I want my artists @BentleyRecords to perform at the 2026 worldcup which will be hosted at our home base in NYC. Secondly this game was further proof that I need to push for a bid to own a stake at Arsenal sooner rather later. Before the club ends up in relegation the way things are going. Dreadful performance. Players earning 250k/week but not honoring the jersey? Where were the “owners” Kroenke & Usmanov? This is exactly how a club should NOT be run. If an entity is run purely for the sake of profit, then it will never succeed. Where’s the passion? Martin Keown who was sitting next to me in the plane blamed Wenger as well for this loss, which I couldn’t agree more. Was also crazy to see Mikhi not playing thanks to some political BS. This was all education for me. Rest assured I will bring back the glory times to Arsenal! #Arsenal #UEFA #EuropaLeagueFinal #Baku #Azerbaijan #Gunners #COYG #BentleyGang #LucaDayz #MakeArsenalGreatAgain

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Bentley Records was founded in 2013, and is an international record label. For them, the quality of music is utmost priority, and that is reflected in their artists as well. Bentley Records possess the cutting edge technology and have recently invested in state of the art record label system. This gives the company access to 280+ stores all over the world. Bentley Records currently has a growing music catalogue of more than 2000 records.

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