Top 10 Most Common Products in eCommerce Wishlist dominated by Fitness Products

According to a survey conducted by, it has been found that fitness products dominate customers’ eCommerce wishlist of products. People all over the globe give more importance to buying fitness products for the improvement of their overall health. And women give more preference to their health as the number of fitness products int their eCommerce wishlist remains higher than men’s.

Also, the study highlights that the conversion rate of fitness products in the eCommerce wishlist of people is higher than other categories of products. The result of this survey is not much surprising as it has been a common trend over the last few years to give more preference to fitness over other sectors. Due to the rise of many health problems, people focus more on boosting their health. This has resulted in the increasing growth of fitness products all over the world. The growing number of fitness gyms, yoga centers, and other sports centers has played a crucial role in increasing the sale of fitness products on many online mediums.

The preference for fitness has also resulted due to the increase in the disposable income of people in developing countries. And the growing craze to look attractive and develop their personality have led to an increase in the number of people joining various fitness courses. The survey has stressed that only the gym training equipment sale has increased over 40% and this number is a little more than yoga accessories. Various fitness experts have also launched their own fitness products which have also contributed to increasing the share of fitness products from online sources.

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