American Social Media Influencer, Nakia Jenkins, Crosses 250,000 Followers on Instagram

Going by the Instagram ID, OfficialNakia, Nakia Jenkins now has more than 253,000 followers on Instagram.

Starting with the Instagram journey in March 2013, he has managed to reach a significant number in just 6 years. Today, he is popular as the social media influencer, and makes viral videos. At just the age of 21, he has reached great heights, becoming popular for his skills all over the world.

Most of his videos are hilarious responses to beauty and other lifestyle videos and images. He is multi-talented, knows very well how to use his wit and humor to engage the audience. And that has won him several fans.

Besides curating comedy and viral content for his social media platforms, he loves to meet new people, learn about various cultures, and explore the opportunities of life. He is an avid traveller, exploring different locations and places. His major agenda is to be happy and spread happiness. And with every bit of the work, he strives to fulfill that aim in his life.

He started his career as the social media influencer in 2012, from Instagram and Twitter. Since then, he is only rising the ladder of success and popularity. With his work, he has been able to make a great impact on many lives. Most of the credit for his rising popularity goes to the reaction videos he make in response to other viral videos on the internet.

You can also view his YouTube videos, which go under the account name, OfficialNakia. Nakia Jenkins is proud of his personality, and loves to be the voice of people who strive to find and spread happiness.

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