Rory Brown, Charleston Lifestyle Writer, Shares What You Need to Know About TSA PreCheck

Let me tell you now, if you’re a frequent traveler and you don’t know about TSA PreChecks, then I’m about to enlighten you. As a lifestyle blogger and food critic from Charleston, SC, I often travel around the world and maintain four homes around the globe. As a frequent traveler, it is imperative for me to know all the tips and tricks to make my life and traveling more comfortable.

TSA PreChecks help to speed up your airport activities and save you stress. A security pass that allows you to speed through security checks and use the precheck lane, so you don’t have to remove your belts, shoes, or electronic devices.

How To Apply and Qualify For TSA PreChecks

To be eligible to apply, you must be a US citizen and an active member of a TSA partner airline company’s frequent flyer program. Often, you might be invited to apply due to your eligibility, but this method allows only for TSA PreChecks on that airline. If you want to be eligible for TSA PreChecks on all airline security checks, then you require a KTN (Known Traveler Number).

Application Process

To apply for TSA PreChecks, you must be a law-abiding permanent resident, US citizen, or US National. On application, you are required to pay an $85 fee and provide necessary personal information that will let officials conduct a background check. You can choose to visit an enrollment center to register or complete a pre-enrollment online.

You will provide fingerprint data and information that will be admitted to criminal databases, disease control databases, and many more.

If your application is approved, you will receive a KTN, and the approval is eligible for five years.

Benefits of TSA PreChecks

The most apparent benefit of TSA PreChecks is expedited security screening. When you have a PreCheck pass, going through security checks are more manageable and less stressful. Other benefits include:

  • You don’t have to join the long security queue because TSA PreChecks gets you priority treatment.
  • You don’t have to take off your shoes, or belts, all you need to do is walk through security quickly.
  • Less time wasted, and the process is mostly hassle-free.
  • You can get to your gate quicker, especially if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re a frequent domestic traveler in the USA or to the few international territories under the TSA jurisdiction, then TSA PreCheck is for you. It just makes traveling much more comfortable and enhances the experience.

About: Rory Brown is a food critic and blogger specializing in healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Beginning in Charleston, SC, he has attracted a large following by offering nuanced takes on fine cuisine with a focus on health. Mr. Brown splits his time between Charleston, Kauai, Sydney, and Lake Como, keeping his finger firmly on the culinary pulse across the globe.

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