Amazon’s Rumoured Blocking Ad Policy Update Leads to Sellers’ Loss

Following the action of Amazon’s employees to take down ads with religious content, the sale of some sellers has gone down. The sellers received information through email about the blocking of ads involving religious language a few months back. However, Amazon has refused to admit about sending an email related to ‘blocking ad policy update’ and started a corrective training for their employees.

Amazon spokesperson has stated that there is no update related to any change in the ad policy of the company and called for the re-training of its employees. He said that the entire issue originated out of confusion and there is no such thing in existence. With this incident, Amazon marketplace sellers are getting caught in the crossfire as Amazon is facing difficulty to witness a growth of the third-party marketplace.

Marketplace sellers had been making use of Amazon ads to compete with their competitors. Apart from getting revenue from e-Commerce and selling web services to various businesses, it has been generating huge revenue from ads of companies who want to promote their products through search results. However, many sellers have witnessed a huge loss because of the suspension of the ad due to religious writing. One of such sellers who was selling apparel with religious theme has expressed his pain over the revenue loss following the ad suspension. Many sellers had written an appeal letter for not suspending their account due to any ad policy change.

Amazon has generated advertising revenue of $2.72 billion in the first quarter which shows the growth of 36% from the last year. The company ranks as the third digital ad player in the US after the tech giants Google and Facebook.

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