Study reveals that 70% People are now searching for Plumbing Services Online

Recent study by the students of Oklahoma University says that people these days are mostly depending on online services for most of the household things. Especially plumbing which is a very common profession in today’s time and it is one of the emergency jobs. So if someone ever needs help with their taps and pipes they will never visit a website or two completely made for that purpose because let us be honest people do not check plumbing websites in their free time.

So it matters a lot that your plumbing business information lands on the top of the search engine or make yourself noticeable to people more easily. So before telling you how to generate good leads for your plumbing business lets start with why most of the business fails.

Problem with Common Paid Services

Most companies end up using very famous paid lead companies like Google AdWords, Yelp, etc. But more often than not they do not realize that most people along with them go to opt for such paid services and the competition is HUGE!!! Thus instead of leading your competition, you end up behind them. This is why you need a good plumbers lead gen marketing team.

These paid services take many things into account such as the city you are living in and how big your company is along with many other factors. These paid services thus often end up not living up to their cost and they become unnecessarily costly for small businesses.

They only end up increasing competition and we all know that businesses hate competition.

  1.  Prices go down

Many of the paid services send your leads to many plumbers thus resulting in a lot of competition for you. And thus you may have to cut short on the demand of your price if you want to stay in the competition which in turn result in low profits.

  1.  Price shoppers

There are people that will give preference to services for cheap cost rather than expertise and reaching to these people if you provide expert services rather than cheap is a waste of both time and money. People that often use best quality services end up relying on Google searches rather than going on a specific website.

  1.  Google is the best place to advertise

Google has been for the past decade became a household name and there hardly is anyone that goes without a day using Google. If your paid service is only focused on advertising on other websites that you are missing the most of the audience as Google provides most of its users with what they are looking for.

  1.  Fraudulent clicks

Services like Google AdWords provide pay per click system which is often criticized for easily falling for fraud. In this, the advertiser is sometimes even charged for clicks that are fraudulent or spam clicks. This leads to a waste of money for the advertiser.


Ippei (E-pay) provides leads to its client and have been now doing it for years consistently. It is accomplished by Ippei using SEO or search engine optimization. SEO helps the client to land on top of Google searches and it has been proven through years of experience that you will definitely get more business through SEO than by any other means out there.

This will lead to you dominating the market thus you control the price and not the customer. Which in turn will result in more profit for you? We use keywords that are often searched by users as a method to know what words in your website will make you land on the top of the Google searches.

But these highly searched keywords are not the only thing that keeps your website on the top but is one of those things that SEO offers. When you get to the top of the searches you automatically present yourself to a bigger bunch of people.

If you are new into the business you may opt to get to the paid services through these services are good for beginners they do not offer proper value for money for the reasons mentioned above.

Thus if you want to outshine your competition and be the best in the market with the widest reach among your competitors, search engine optimization is the way to go for.

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