Demand for Advertising & SMM Courses Rises in the Market

The digital marketing industry is growing very fast and so is the training industry which trains the digital marketers. In this fast-growing and competitive digital economy, it has become essential to use the right social media strategy to get the people’s attention, build audience interaction as well as provide helpful educational content. No matter whether you’re looking for the better job, building your business or doing freelancing, you will need the help of social media marketing strategies to build your brand as well as leverage social media channels to attract the larger audience.

Suppose you are ready to improve your social media skills, the top social media marketing course offered in this guide may help you to learn much faster without going back to school.

  1. Social Media Certification by the University of Illinois (from Coursera)

The highly sought after social media and mobile marketing certifications worldwide is the course from the University of Illinois. It is one of the top-rated course and has been rated one of 10 Highly Attend Classes for Professionals, by INC Magazine. This training help you to master the strategic marketing ideas and help you to explore many different aspects that include social media marketing and analytics.

In this course, your training will be subdivided into 6 parts that include sessions on the Marketing in Digital World, Digital Marketing Channels, and Digital Analytics for the Marketing Professionals, and a capstone project.

  1. Fundamentals of the Social Media Certification by Wharton (from edX)

It is the comprehensive certificate program for the professionals offered by Wharton spread over 6 weeks with the commitment of two to three hours required in a week. You may learn how this digital economy works as well as develop some critical insights for succeeding in the social media marketing, e-commerce, and digital marketing industry.

You may learn different digital marketing tools and tactics, internet advertising, social advertising, mobile engagement, influence marketing, and social targeting. It is one of the best great course online if you are looking to develop deep knowledge about digital business & marketing, might not be best for marketing tools.

  1. Social Media Marketing Certification by the Northwestern University (from Coursera)

This is a certificate course offered by Northwestern University can teach you about using social media campaigns to design, optimize, and manage different social campaigns. It includes a hands-on project for helping you to create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

Specialization is divided into multiple courses like Introduction of Social Media, Social Media Engagement, Importance of Listening, Content Marketing and lots more. It is one perfect choice for the agency owners, entrepreneurs and social media professionals who want to master this subject.

  1. Free Social Media Courses (from Skillshare)

Skillshare is the platform that offers courses at the flat monthly fee. So, before you pay, you may try out the courses free for two months. Suppose you sign up, then you will get access to more than 15,000 courses at no cost.

You can learn SMM for free all along with Adwords and SEO and other important aspects of the Digital Marketing affordably and easily. We suggest you check it out and after one month you may cancel if it does not suit you.

  1. Email Marketing Course for E-Commerce Offered by Skillshare

Social media professionals and marketers with basic knowledge about how email marketing works may love this online course for free from MailChimp. It is ideal for the people on a go, it is a 25-minute and highly tactical class for developing basic email marketing concepts that you might be familiar with.

At the end of the email marketing course, you will have a good understanding of how to make engaging email marketing profiles and optimize your strategy to increase your business revenue.

  1.      Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Training Bootcamp from CreativeLive

Suppose you wish to learn more than the only strategy and want to excel in the execution of all the social media professionals and learn from the experts, this can be an ideal course for you. You will get 9 masters from the different domains of the social media like Instagram advertising, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and many more come to share their secrets, and tricks to you.

It is a comprehensive program that is spread over 5 days & 13 classes by 9 Gurus. The best part about this course is you will retain access to these classes for a lifetime & you can download all the lessons.

No matter whether you are just starting it out or ready to take upon something very challenging, you will definitely find something that will match your career goals and learning style. Keep Moving!!!

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