Amazon Trains Individuals with its own FBA Course Material

Recently, the ecommerce giant Amazon started training individuals about its Amazing Selling Machine product. They even launched their own FBA training course recently. There are many other individual trainers out there who also started sharing their own hacks to master the Amazon business through their own courses.

You can choose which is best suited for you. These courses are for beginners and intermediates which can give you great knowledge about its detail and can transform you from a newbie to a successful entrepreneur. I can say that Amazon FBA business is a great opportunity and vehicle at this stage of earning money online and living a laptop lifestyle.

Most of the content of these courses are similar but the way of teaching is different. This is chosen according to your personality and needs. Each course has a different style of teaching and at least a distinct feature which helps you decide which course is best suited for you. Here, are the top 5 journalreview – amazon fba course:

#1 Amazon Selling Machine by Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback

This is one of the most popular courses on the internet. It has gone through several updates and the coaches run pretty large advertisement campaigns on Facebook and Youtube to promote this course. They teach you to create your own brand with a product niche. The traditional model of private labeling is rebranding the same product and putting it up on Amazon. But this course teaches a bit ahead.

They teach something called product tuning which meant reading about products which are not doing well and read the reviews. You learn about its shortcomings. They don’t advise you to find a new prototype product because that would be time-consuming. You can improve the shortcomings by adding the thing which is missing in that product.

Example: If a product does not have proper directions to use you can put in a proper instruction manual in it and improve the fault. It keeps things fresh and they are able to create ongoing content separately. The course price is 3997 dollars. It is expensive but it helps you in understanding Amazon and how it works. It teaches to work smart and efficiently and not waste time.

#2 Online Retail Mastery by Beau Crabill

He’s a youtuber from a young age and had an entrepreneur mind since a very tender age. He does not encourage private labeling. His training is mainly for becoming an ungated seller on Amazon and finding qualified suppliers and selling major brands on Amazon. His approach is selling big brands and it is a great idea. It does require some steps before you are qualified to sell these brands.

The brands are as big as the ones you see at Walmart, Macy’s, Target, etc. He says that private labeling and retail arbitrage is very labor intensive and the success rate is 1%. He says selling big brands is a big way to go. So basically he teaches you to sell big brands on Amazon. The course price is $997.

#3 Amazon Freedom Course Review by Dan Vas

He is young but one of the best teacher and one of the best course provided. He has a meticulous personality. He goes from every step and explains it clearly and in simple language. He speaks fast but it is very clear and keeps the matter on point. His videos are free and are on youtube and everybody can access it.

Many youtube courses don’t have substance in them but this guy has put in substance in his course and keeps it brief and straight. This course basically helps you learn to generate leads or customer calls for local business and can learn how to close monthly payment deals. It is at a very affordable price at $497 and gives a depth of knowledge.

#4 Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum

Jim Cockrum is great with teaching and gives solid information. It has been around since 2009. It shows you the Amazon business, gives information about the private label model. The great thing about this is it gives you software which they give with the course that helps with product research.

This course has all essential elements that can help you go on Amazon FBA business. It has got two new courses too which is a Proven Performance Inventory and Proven Q4 Plan. Proven Performance solves a huge problem which tells us if a product will sell or no before you go ahead and buy from inventory. This has a very affordable price of $399. The only problem with this course is that it is disorganized and you need to dig into the videos for more information.

#5 Ultimate Amazon Seller Course by Philip Covington

This guy covers the entire Amazon business in a meticulous and detailed manner from taxes, shipping label templates, branding and more. He has got a great experience and he is in business for 20 years so he is not just a poser. He covers everything from bookkeeping, negotiating with suppliers to selling the course.

He also has higher prices for hot picks which are the ones for which he has done product research. Even without hot picks, he does a great job in training in product research methods. This course is for $497 but it is worth the penny because of its detailed study and guidance.

Amazon FBA is such a great business platform and handles everything related to shipping, inventory, packaging, and returns. It has a huge customer base and consumers trust Amazon. Once you know how to sell one product you can sell multiple and it becomes easier. Everything is always not sunny when using this because people can easily steal your ideas and it is difficult to hold your rankings because it depends on customer reviews. There are difficulties in all places for your product and business but one has to pave its path by choosing and selecting one process and engaging onto it.

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