Journey to Uluru – Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Icon

Uluru is located in the middle of Australia, and is a big rock looking like a monument. This rusty red rock has risen from the ground and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Uluru monument is not easy to reach due to its remote location. It is about 462 KM from Alice Springs. And this is the only creativity of its type which took time to discover itself. Anangu tribe and aboriginal people consider Uluru monument a sacred site, and they believe it to be 10,000 years old.

The rock is famous by two names. Generally, it is called Ayers rock, after Sir Henry Ayers’ name in 1873. The second name, Uluru, is an official aboriginal name of the rock. Uluru presents different views with the passage of the day in different directions of sun rays. It is a sacred place and has a rich cultural history. The rock has many caves and sculptures which prove its existence for 10,000 years.

Uluru is 1,141 feet tall, 2.2 miles long and 1.2 miles wide. Most of its part is underground and looks like an iceberg. It is challenging to predict how much of its area is below the earth’s surface. There are several ways to reach near the Uluru. If you arrive here in the morning, you can reach up to the rock through the field of the light pass, where a man can still experience a desert under the blanket of stars.

There is a scenic helicopter and camel tours available to explore Uluru. Going around the rock through helicopter lets you measure its area with your eyes. You can take on the journey to Uluru via road as well as air. Reaching through the air can be costly if your trip budget is low. So you can reach Alice spring if you want to go via the road, and then drive on Stuart highway for five hours to reach Uluru. It is a must experience monument at least once in your life.

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