Meathead Movers Aims for Raise in Pay and Employees Strength

Meathead Movers, a popular moving company in San Luis Obispo, is planning to increase the per-hour entry-level pay of its employees. The moving company has announced this move to reduce their employees’ struggles in meeting the ends and also to ensure more employment opportunities for student-athletes. Also, it is the biggest increase in the 22-year history of the moving company.

While sharing his thoughts after this move, Aaron Steed, the CEO of Meathead Movers said that they started the company in high school so as to provide a solution to the financial problems of student-athletes. Expressing his views on the struggles of student-athletes due to the increasing cost of living, Aaron Steed said that the decision has been taken without affecting the schedules of athletes. To make things easier for students, the pay-hike was the prominent step decided to be taken to improve their life situations. Students join these moving companies in order to arrange money for them. A lot of similar units such as Chandler moving companies have become popular among students as these help them to meet their ends meet.

With keeping in mind its target of becoming the largest independent company, Meathead Movers is planning to hire 200 employees in its five branches before its busy season starts. The motive of the company to increase the pay would encourage student-athletes to join the companies related to movers and packers. At present, Meathead Movers enjoys over 700 employees and enrolls itself in 20,000 local moves on an average. The company CEO, Steed, said that more updates will be announced soon with the aim of attracting more students and athletes to Meathead Movers. Also, he pointed out that the target of Meathead Movers is to become the highest paying moving company in its service areas which could only be achieved with the help of highly capable employees in the company.

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