More Qualified Financial Advisors Join Holborn Assets

Qualified and Specialist financial planners from the United States, UK, South Africa, Ireland and India have joined the team of Holborn Assets to deliver expert solutions to the people seeking financial help.

Holborn Assets is one of the leading financial services company, operating globally at a very large scale. This company provides wealth management solutions and quality financial advise to a large number of people and international expatriates. Established in 1998, and situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is a British family owned company. And they take pride in delivering superior experience to its huge clientele.

The company’s expertise lies in several fields, namely Investment, Insurance, Retirement Planning, Mortgages, Employee Benefits and several other services. And that is one of the reason why this company only hires excellent financial advisors and planners.

Majority of the planners originate from the tough regulatory regime of the UK, which is popular for being excellent in all the areas. Other qualified advisors from several other countries are passed through tough tests and interviews to qualify as leading candidates for the job. These specialists take care of all the clients’ wealth management needs, protect the families with a robust life insurance policy, and taking care of your retirement planning. With quality comes excellence. And they make sure they always stay excellent in their field, which is the reason why many qualified financial advisors are a part of Holborn Assets’ team.

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