Vape Pen Usage Results in Hospitalization of 2 in New Delhi

NEW DELHI, INDIA – 2 people in New Delhi were taken to the hospital, after being severely affected by the usage of CBD vape pen. According to the sources, those vape pens, by mistake, contained high traces of THC, which resulted in ill-health of the 2 individuals.

The names of people hospitalized are not yet known. But one of them was 27 years old, resident of Dwarka Sector 9, New Delhi. And another person was 40 years old, residing in Palam Village, New Delhi. The conditions of the 2 people are very critical.

vape pen is generally safe, and the whole world is using these pens to cure numerous ailments they face in day to day lives. These vape pens contain vapes of CBD oil, which is medically proven safe to consume. However, the pens those 2 individuals were using, were unbranded and contained high amounts of THC, which is found in a hemp plant. Hemp is not safe to consume, and if taken in high dosages, can result in several diseases that resulted in their hospitalization.

Many companies today are manufacturing vape pens in large numbers all over the world. And so far, there has been no news about hospitalization of any person while consuming vape from such pens. But one should be cautious while purchasing these vape pens. Prefer going for branded pens only, since there you know that the vape contains CBD alone.

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