Toronto Opens its First Legal Cannabis Store

On 1st April, Toronto opened its very first legalized cannabis store, The Hunny Pot, located at 202 Queen Street West. When the store opened its doors at 10 a.m. in the morning, the queue to enter the store was huge. This huge queue was seen all throughout the day, making the wait range between 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

The long queue didn’t discourage the people from joining it and watch the very first store of cannabis. Everyone was eager to try out a little bit of the Cannabis, making them agree to wait as long as it can take. One of the persons standing in a line shared his views on how he expected a huge line of people, but is really surprised to see the line this huge. He also shared his wish to see how this weed would work differently from the ones he tried earlier in his life.

Inside the store, there were 3 levels. The first level had cabinets along the walls, containing products like bongs, hand pipes, and vape kits, such as Smok vape kits. On the other 2 levels, one can find different labeled jars filled with various types of cannabis, put out in open for display. The labels on the jars indicated the THC and CBD percentages. And one can even smell the cannabis before making an actual purchase.

All throughout the store, different “bud tenders” roamed around, taking the orders on their iPads. A person was able to collect the order from the main level after giving their selection to these bud tenders.

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