Ridaex – One Indian Company That Started The American Style Of Marketing – #PowerPlay

India is today the seventh largest country, well known for its magnificent technological contributions, startup companies, defense and greatest political achievements of the decade.

Out of the blue Indian skies, we noticed one 2.5-year-old Indian Electronics Startup Company that is outperforming the LED Tv Industry. Ridaex Information Systems is geared up with its western style of promotional strategy, to raise up to the new heights in this Indian Cricket Season, March-May 2019.

By well analyzing the potential of LED Television demand growth during the cricket season, Ridaex has introduced an unchallengeable offer to its new consumers. The offer works very similar to the stock exchange bidding operation.

The strategy is quite simple. Whenever a batsman in the cricket ground hits a “Sixer” or “flying boundary”, Ridaex store website automatically slashes down the LED TV’s selling price by ₹6000 Indian Rupees, alongside also offering the additional Free 3 Years Warranty (Self Confident Products).

But there is a narrow twist in booking.

The user has got just 6 ticking minutes to place the order! This would definitely do wonders and build the brand overnight in US Market for a Baseball or American Football match.

Back on the Ridaex Official Website, the company has also set up a “Sixer Alert Mechanism”, which any of its users can Opt-in or Opt-out for notifications. This alert system will remind the interested consumers (Opt-in’s) during every “Sixer” with a popup message. This is a perfect plan to re-target the potential buyers.

You can always check out their website for more information about the company and products, and even take help from the support teams.

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