Italian Food Tops the List of Most Liked Food Worldwide: Survey

Italian cuisine has topped the list of the most popular food in the world. According to the survey conducted by YouGov, 25000 people were polled across 24 countries and 34 different cuisines were tested. In the survey, the liking and disliking of people for a given food were taken into account after offering them the samples of various types of foods. At last, Italian food with a global score of 84, tops the list of the most loved food worldwide. The lowest place has been grabbed by Peruvian and Finnish food with a score of 32. Although the results don’t seem to be surprising as all over the world, Italian food items such as Pizza, Pasta, are eaten on a large scale.

Due to its mouth-watering taste, people eat Italian food with ‘salsiccia‘, an Italian sausage. In Italy, 99% of the audience has voted for Italian food which is pretty obvious as people generally support their national food. The other countries where people love Italian food over 90% are Spain, Sweden, France, Britain, the Philippines. People in these countries are fond of pizza, pasta, etc. In the US, 88% of people like Italian food. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand come in the range of 78 to 69 percent range. China with 59 percent resides at the last spot which least likes Italian food.

Out of all types of food, Peruvian and Finnish food with a liking percentage of 32 resides at the last spot. Also, there are regional variations within each country and this survey by YouGov has not focused on including regional differences into its account. Every country has a different way of calling a given food, so this regional difference has definitely affected the survey results but the magnitude would not be high.

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