Literatus Allows Bloggers to Earn Bitcoin SV

ANKARA – Literatus, a new blogging platform has allowed authors to publish their content for free or charge some amount of fee. However, the only cryptocurrency it accepts is Bitcoin SV, and the publishers must have BSV wallet to collect money. Literatus was released in the market by a Turkish blogger and novice programmer who worked on this platform for several months before releasing its alpha version in the last month. The multilanguage design allows people from across the world to read various blogs on it.

What makes the blogging platform, Literatus different from the other blogging sites is the availability of a huge quantity of content on it. Also, it allows publishers to earn money by posting their work. Another thing which highlights this site is that it is accepting BSV which is becoming the fastest used cryptocurrency all over the world and also its transaction cost is less in comparison to other digital currencies.

Ozdemir said that this digital global blog platform would attract a huge number of transactions from across the world. Also, because of its multilingual design, non-crypto users will switch to this blogging platform if it is implemented correctly. This site includes Money Button which would facilitate the payment for content for various multi-language people from across the world. It is a new platform and will progress at a very good rate in the coming years due to the involvement of people from different languages.

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