Panasonic Launches HomeHawk Front Door Monitoring Camera

OSAKA – Panasonic has launched a home-monitoring camera which serves the purpose of keeping an eye on the events taking place outside your home. It is not a security camera but a home-monitoring system and it is highly useful if you generally remain outside of your home for any reason. Panasonic’s HomeHawk is installed on top of an exterior door frame and offers many excellent features in it. It has 2 camera kit, 172 degrees wide angle smart-home monitor, color night vision and it is 100% wifi-free. This electronic camera can record HD video outside of your house and offers two-way communication.

While using this camera, you don’t need to spend any monthly fees and only need to buy a micro SD card to store videos if you do not have one. Because of the infrared LEDs, you can see in the dark and also you can hear any noise outside of your home even if you are far away from your home. In comparison to other HD cameras, Panasonic HD camera offers 172-degree FOV, which is not found in any other HD camera.

Panasonic HomeHawk can be connected to your home’s Wi-fi network using 2.4 GHz wireless connection. It is necessary to place this camera within 100 meters of your router. Some of the components that you will find inside each box are an access point or hub, the HomeHawk camera, an Ethernet cable, a Panasonic AC adaptor, a USB cable, a wall mounting screws, a wall mounting adapter, a spacer etc. In order to monitor both inside and outside of your home, one could add other Panasonic cameras to their HomeHawk system. It is possible to connect 16 cameras with this device which makes it an excellent home-monitoring system.

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