American Pop Style Artist, Marko Stout, Gearing up for Solo Exhibition

Marko Stout, the American contemporary pop style artist, is all set for making his solo exhibition this coming May 9th. The tickets for the same have already started selling hot.

The exhibition titled “Erotic Allure Volume II” will be held at Gallery MC. All the celebrities, including pop style artists as well as Hollywood celebrities, are eagerly looking forward to this star’s upcoming event. His previous solo exhibitions held at other places like New York’s Caelum Gallery, Sepia Gallery, Emmanual Fremin Gallery, and Artifact Gallery were sold with a record breaking number. And with that, Marko Stout has made his name popular in the field of art.

These galleries are visited by numerous art lovers, aspiring artists, as well as art collectors from all across the globe. And all of them have nothing else, but the praise on their lips for this amazing artist. His exhibitions have totally changed the way the art lovers look at the art.

One of the most popular art dealers, Taylor Cohen, has to say, “I’ve not seen this kind of excitement for an opening since Jeff Koon’s retrospective at the Whiney Museum or the Basquiat exhibition.”

For those who wish to see his latest art exhibition at Gallery MC, “Erotic Allure Volume II”, they can get the tickets here at

More about Marko Stout:

Marko Stout is a contemporary pop style artist based at New York, USA. He is today known for his bold pop style in the art segment. The modern life of New York is his greatest source of inspiration for all the art he presents in his exhibitions.

Not just the paintings, you can also see his work in many different forms including Print, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Movies, and New Media.

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