China Urges India and Pakistan not to Escalate Tensions

BEIJING – China’s foreign ministry has come out to speak on the on-going tensions between India and Pakistan. Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, made talked to Pakistan’s foreign minister on the seriousness of the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. Also, he asked both India and Pakistan not to escalate the tensions at the present situation and practice restraint. The statement was released by Chinese foreign minister post the aerial fights between India and Pakistan. Pakistan foreign minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi called the Chinese counterpart and updated him about the stand-off between India and Pakistan.

Wang Yi urged both India and Pakistan to handle the situation calmly and avoid the expansion of the prevailing atmosphere of tensions. He said the nuclear-armed neighbors would hopefully “exercise restraint and earnestly fulfill their commitment to preventing the expansion of the situation.”

After the aerial engagement between India and Pakistan, there has been an atmosphere of tensions in the disputed territory of Kashmir. Both the countries had destroyed each other’s fighter plan on Wednesday. This incident happened after Pakistani aircraft were seen heading towards Indian military airbase to attack them. The suicide attack in Pulwama which killed over 40 CRPF personnel triggered the tensions between India and Pakistan after Pakistan based terror outfit, JeM(Jaish-e-Mohammad) took the responsibility for the attack.

India claimed on Tuesday that it has conducted the air strikes on JeM militant camps inside Pakistan after 1971. Earlier, India warned Pakistan for massive retaliation if anyone wrong happens in India because of Pakistan-based-militants.

China is a close ally of Pakistan and wants to cool down the heat between India and Pakistan because of its economic interests in Pakistan. The communist country injects billions of dollars into Pakistan to support a massive infrastructure project that seeks to connect China’s western province of Xinjiang with the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar in Balochistan.

On Wednesday, Britain, France, and the United States introduced a proposal before UNSC to place JeM leader Massod Azhar on the UN terror blacklist. However, China is expected to raise its objection as it doesn’t want to affect its relationship with Pakistan. In the past, China had used its veto power in 2016 and 2017 to avoid placing the terrorist in the global blacklist.

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