In 2018, India saw an increase in Love Marriages

Marriage plays an important role in every person’s life. Everyone love to spend their entire life with a person whom they are compatible with. In the Indian culture, arranged marriages have already dominated over love marriages. The high success rate of arranged marriages is an evidence of this statement. But with the changing trends, love marriages have seen a high rise in Indian society. There are a number of reasons for this change which we would discuss below.

Pointing out the first reason, we must confess that almost everyone is using a mobile phone. Accessing social media is no longer a luxury these days. Hence, both male and female population interact with each other via various social media platforms and end up entering into a relationship on finding a suitable partner. Most of the girls and boys go to colleges or universities to seek higher education. This has also limited the chances of arranged marriages and as they grow older, they start understanding themselves and the type of partner that would suit them. Because of sharing common colleges or company during a job, both boys and girls manage to find a life-partner among their known.

With the growing influence of western culture through various movies, tv series and access to social media, young people share intimate things with their opposite-sex partners. Hence, talking about sex and entering into a love relationship has become common these days. The young population in India is becoming self-dependent and they are preferring personal choice. Hence, youth in India is taking a decision on their own which is why there is a huge rise in love marriages. Even parents, especially in the urban middle class society itself, want their children to find their life partners on their own. This change has seen a drastic growth due to the youth becoming educated and more responsible than the past times.

And more importantly, the increasing number of matrimonial websites has helped young population find their love partners easily. One can make a choice of a suitable groom or bride according to one’s preferences. Factors such as caste, religion have lost their weight in finding a life partner. The credit to this change should be attributed to the education of the young population. Above all, all that matters is to find a compatible life partner. Hence, parents and their young children want to have a successful relationship which is why there is less strictness among Indian society regarding the preference of love marriages over arrange marriages.

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