Toyota to Launch Smartest Self-Driving Test Car Soon

Toyota is soon going to launch its smartest self-driving test car in 2019 CES. Its first look was revealed during CES in the year 2013 but its updated P4 platform will be introduced this year. This platform will be updated on the 2nd and the 3rd generation cars with the introduction of Lexus’ latest flagship sedan, the LS 500H.

Also, the computer system which is used in this to manage technology, has not only become more powerful but it is also smarter than before. It is smarter in the sense that it can fit at the rear seat of a car and it only requires energy from 12v hybrid backup as an emergency backup.

In addition to the low-profile sensors that were first used in the third generation cars, two additional cameras on the sides and two imaging sensors have been specifically developed for the autonomous vehicles. On the coming Monday, CEO Dr. Gill Pratt will explain the company’s advances in autonomous driving in the press conference and then only the new car will be seen. Clearly, this is an excellent advancement in the world of Toyota cars and it would increase the importance of self-driving cars in the near future.

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